Auraganic Essentials | Simple goodness for your skin
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auraganic essentials

At Aroma Essentials, we provide completely natural solutions for skin and hair care so you do not have to worry about any side effects. Our products are a combination of Aromatherapy and Botanical extracts.

Our products are composed of natural essential and vegetable oils, natural butters and emollients that are safe to use and are non-comedogenic and non-irritant. This ensures that our products give your skin and hair a complete nourishing, refreshing and revitalizing experience.

Latest Collection

Every product is meticulously created by hand, using the best quality ingredients.

Though the company makes products that could cater to folks at large, they ensure that they talk to prospective and existing customers and understand their exact requirements, consider any pre-existing conditions etc. before suggesting the best products for them. In many cases, they also make customised products for people with specific conditions, which don’t necessarily form part of their published Catalogue.


Featured Products

Hair Conditioner
Carrot Sun Block
Argan Serum (Day)
Anti-Dandruff Gel
Calamine Sun Block
Saffron Mask
Skin Brightening Gold Gel