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Welcome to

Auraganic Essentials

At Aroma Essentials, we provide completely natural solutions for skin and hair care so you do not have to worry about any side effects. Our products are a combination of Aromatherapy and Botanical extracts.


Our products are composed of natural essential and vegetable oils, natural butters and emollients that are safe to use and are non-comedogenic and non-irritant. This ensures that our products give your skin and hair a complete nourishing, refreshing and revitalizing experience.


Every product is meticulously created by hand, using the best quality ingredients.


Though the company makes products that could cater to folks at large, they ensure that they talk to prospective and existing customers and understand their exact requirements, consider any pre-existing conditions etc. before suggesting the best products for them. In many cases, they also make customised products for people with specific conditions, which don’t necessarily form part of their published Catalogue.


Our family (clients) believes that this is our USP and what clearly distinguishes us from the others


Our aim to make the most reasonable products and make them available in quantities that could cater to the requirements of customers, from every strata of society. We make every effort not to compromise on the quality or quantity of the essential oils and other ingredients that go into our products

Person behind the brand

The seed was planted around the year 2000. Even before that Madhurima (the founder) was making simple products for skin care –using ingredients from the kitchen and ayurvedic herbs


Armed with a degree / diploma in Cosmetology and Aesthetics, she set out to make homemade cosmetics and skin products to treat her own acne condition. The positive results led her to start researching about solutions for skin and hair conditions for the womenfolk at large. As a homemaker, she used to spend a lot of time reading up on the internet and experimenting with various blends and recipes. She initially started offering her products free of charge to her close network of friends and family, who used these and were satisfied with the results. She also got constructive feedback that helped her to improve upon the quality and efficacy of her recipes. She also had a good network of dermatologists, who used to discuss with her about their patients’ skin conditions and she used to take those up as new assignments and develop solutions for them.


Madhurima (Founder) personally believes that while it is good to have certain products that are staple and help in sustenance of the brand, we also need to address customers’ specific skin and hair conditions and make relevant products.

In her own words

“I chanced upon some articles on Aromatherapy. As I started reading more and more, my interest grew and I started experimenting with different essential oils and botanical extracts. I wanted to create something which would form a necessary part of a woman’s daily routine and that’s how Auraganic Essentials was born. To understand the pain and requirements of clients and being able to make a positive difference to their lives. Due to my acne problem, I knew how difficult it was to be able to confidently face up to people in various social interactions and as such my main aim was to create a few products that would help women sort out their skin related problems and make them more confident in their day-to-day interactions with others”


We want to introduce our natural products to as many people as possible. In addition, I would like to continue to work on making many more such products to address different skin and hair challenges and conditions.


We are also interested in creating livelihood opportunities for the economically backward and neglected sections of society, though my venture. We are already working on partnering with various NGO’s that work on providing food for the poor, homes for the aged etc.


To reach as many people as possible across the globe, through my products. I would love to see our brand being recognised for making a significant contribution to society, as a whole.


  • To continue making good quality and natural products.
  • To provide employment or earning opportunities for underprivileged women.
  • To promote the use of our natural products.
  • To make products available to customers in every strata of society, by pricing them in an affordable and competitive manner.

Founder’s Philosophy

Do what you love, don’t lose heart, work hard and be patient. Try to create new and better things and don’t let anyone curtail your creativity