Efi relay problems

Honda Accord Main Relay location. If you spend alot of time running slow in low gear, you are running the motor hard, but not moving fast enough to get adequate airflow past the radiator. But when we went to leave the truck would not start almost as if it was out of gas. This bung location needs to be verified Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Ignition Relay. I wonder if it;s coincidence or a causal relationship between my S-AFC and J&S Install. Returnless EFI systems typically operate at a higher pressure than return-type systems. The one thing I did change on Friday before the problems we installing a PCV valve in one of the valve covers. efi files. It is however one of the easiest cheapest things to throw money at and hope. This Main relay is very easy to replace yourself. efi relay overheating do you mean the relay is overheating or the motor ok lets first work out what you own is it a fj80 with a 3f petrol if so they do not have efi relay because they are carby next is it a fj80e which is fitted with 3fe same motor as the first except efi last but not lest is it a fzj80 with a 1fzfe 4. Now I turn the key, it engages the starter but I don't get any fuel to the motor. The EFI Crank PWR (Lt. Someone may have swapped the relays around trying to check a couple of circuits and put them back in the wrong space. To sum this up and simplify, the FiTech white wire needs a constant 12v during Key-On and Cranking The main relay is activated by the ignition switch and provides power to all components in the EFI system. e. Just reading this thread again. C. Pulled the relay out and the clicking stops. Then out of the blue the rig will die or not start and the check engine light will not come on. Have general comments or suggestions for future Edelbrock Electronics or EFI products, post them here. Using a screwdriver, Chances are if you found this page you’ve encountered the dreaded Mercedes-Benz SLK 230 K40 relay problem. Yet it isn’t evident for everyone which program a . just behind the coolant outlet. The relay switches control the trim. With the car shut off, key out of the ignition, the EFI relay will start clicking (very fast). with the OEM charging ability of these small scoots. 1 closed hith ignition at ig or st position @ circuit opening relay 2-1:closed hith starter Sensor also controls the cooling fan relay that provides 12 Vdc to the fans. I would test it before you replace it, your problem could just as easily be the fuel injector or the throttle position sensor, or something else. if that don't work,get a helper to turn key switch to the cranking position while you check for signal/voltage on the small wire on the starter solenoid. The tube runs to a fitting on the carb spacer and not the Sniper itself. i completely missed the fuel pump issue. You have tested the fuel pump relay and wiring by jumping the ground at the connector but it is possible one of the other relays is playing havoc with the the ECU power supply. On older engines with carburetors, cold stalling (and hard starting) is most often due to an automatic choke that is sticking, misadjusted or broken. Do this find the diagnostic check connector and jumper the Fp to Batt-the fuel pump sholud come on it bypasses the relays turn igniton On. Going to use your advice and buy a Jideco, but will open up cheap one first to see if there is a quick fix. and the EFI fuse blown of. I have a 2002 Avalon XLS. 2009 700 XP EFI - will not idle I'm fairly certain my problem is not the fuel pump. It is labor intensive work and cannot be rushed. This will pull in the fuel pump relay and you SHOULD get 12VDC at the fuel pump connector with the ingnition switch ON. Fusebox Blade Fuse Contacts - 82998-12140. The efi relay is built into the integration relay (unit a: efi main). The Orange Coil/EFI wire from the Ron Francis Harness runs to the white FiTech wire AND your coil positive post. Identifying and legend fuse box Toyota Camry 2006-2011. 2) The wires near the EGR vacuum switching valve (VSV) located under the intake manifold. When I was experiencing problems, when it would stay running, it idled around like 700, which sounds awesome with my cam, but not where it should be. This indicates a problem with the fuel filter, fuel pump or fuel relay. The two coils are there to close the contact when either the car is starting or the car is running. It is part of the control system of a fuel pump and its failure can lead to start up problems. Problem with efi relay on a 89 pu 3vze. . #10 Weird Sounds The EFI relay gets powered directly by the ECU (PIn called "MREL" )the relay goes right to ground on the other side so, this sounds like an ECU issue. My advice would be to get an oversized radiator, bigger better cooling fan, cheers. EFI Diagnostic Software provides quick and easy troubleshooting to minimize downtime; Electronic Throttle Body controls air intake to optimize power and load response. Already checked pump with 12volt source and works fine. Check for power at ig2 at the efi relay. Consequently, diagnosis is similar. 2. Pull it out (could be above the gas pedal, under the driver's seat, or inside the L kick) and smell it. This 1994 Toyota pickup came in with the complaint that the EFI fuse blows. It controls the ON/OFF fuel pump relay, which in turn controls the fuel pump. 580 EXT EFI Fuel Pump Problem? First off hello to fellow sledders out there, we have waited long enough and finally there is 24" of snow at my house. I would like to Yea there is a Efi relay under the hood that's fine but also a relay that looks the same under the dash behind the kick panel at my left foot that isn't labeled and that one is blown I have found out, but I need to find out why it blew. Fortunately, you might not have to rush off to a mechanic to check the relay in your Honda. That's the one. One particularly important part of the  Aug 18, 2019 Therefore, any issues with the fuel pump relay will affect the flow of fuel to the combustion chamber and your vehicle might have problems  If your vehicle's engine has been exhibiting start-up problems or failing to run at peak proficiency, you may be dealing with a bad fuel pump relay. It is common for the fuel pump relay to become oxidized and cease functioning; this is much more common than the actual fuel pump failing. The entire fuel pump system consists of a cut-to-length power wire and connector for the fuel pump on one end and the relay on the other. DO NOT CONNECT DIRECTLY TO THE FAN – THE ECU COULD BE DAMAGED, AND DEFINITELY THE FAN WILL NOT WORK. The problem with this setup is that the fuel pump runs when the ignition is set to on. Engine Parts. So I'm doing the relay Ray O wrote: >>A strange electrical problem has developed occasionally after washing or >>rain. This is for your fuel pump problem. Dealer dismissed the problem by telling me that the computer needs to restart (by turning off the key and back on again). It is triggered by the ECU through a 25 amp relay with a dedicated 12AWG wire running directly to it and grounded to real mount battery. shortest wire length) . But EFI means electronic fuel injection. Connect your ground connection on the power supply to the ground pin on the relay. Just a reminder – the system only controls a RELAY. At this time an operation noise will occur from the relay. The EFI relay is the top one in the relay box under the hood on a 78. I may try to get 12 volts for the pump from a different source rather than the FI system. - the Internet - the mother-ship of people who don't know much and aren't afraid to go public Having problems with pump whine, stalling when downshifting at speed, stalling at idle. what's the best additive . Usually a bad or failing ignition relay will produce a few symptoms that can notify the driver I have a 1997 Tacoma 2wd V6 . ASD relay closes for 2 seconds, only. Or maybe it was just that relay needs replacing and that's it, would be best case scenario. I agree it's no fun cycling the switch repeatedly until it decides to latch in on the next mode. The fuel pump works when I connect a battery to it, and I've checked for continuity on the relay and thats fine aswell, but when I dont have a dedicated 12v, it wont work. ALTERNATOR, STARTER AND SLAVE SOLENOID CHART Starter, Alternator, & Solenoid Model CID/ #Cyl Year Range Serial # Range Alternator Starter Motor Slave Starter - Remote Mount The 2014 Ford F-150 has 2 different fuse boxes: Passenger Compartment Fuse Panel diagram; Power Distribution Box diagram * Ford F-150 fuse box diagrams change across years, pick the right year of your vehicle: I blew my EFI Main Relay. Here is my problem (which started last year toward the end of the season): The Mercruiser 5. 2 terminal of the main relay. (Some are located to the right of the column). Noticed that the fuel pump was not functioning and not getting an idiot light when turning on the key. assembly of the principal components of the EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection System). For those of you that are not familiar with the K40 Relay , it basically controls throttle response, fuel management, and your fuel pump. Blue wire/RF Harness) is for timing retard, which in my setup is not used. The coil of this relay gets its power from the ign. If the fuel pump relay has an issue while the vehicle is operating it will cut off power to the fuel pump, which will cause the engine to stall. Fusebox Relay Contacts - 82998-12060. I'm not certain but I think you can still start the engine and drive. Only problem I'm seeing is my key wire is only putting out 9v instead of the 12v. If there is a problem with noise causing false pulses, you can try increasing this value. Usually a bad or failing ignition relay will produce a few symptoms that can notify the driver of a potential issue. Does anyone know of a troubleshooting tree for electrical problems with an EFI Walker? Replaced the ECU about 3 yrs ago. But I really think with the cracked fuse box one of the connectors is not making good contact and pump does not work. The FSM is mounted under the top cowl at the front of the engine on the 75–115 FourStroke EFI models. If disconnecting AIR pump, check with local ordinances for the legality of this procedure in your area. Throttle Body Pigtail on throttle body. 0 fuel pump relay harness is a special solid state relay. The first thing that should alert you to a potential problem in the system is the illumination of the "Check Engine" light. When bad, the Programmed Fuel Injection main Relay or PGM-FI Main Relay usually causes an intermittent “crank no start” when warm. You can do it yourself by following some simple steps. These cracks usually encircle one (or several) heavy connections, such as from the relay or a main lug connector. Interestingly, FiTech says the dual-pump G-Surge is often used in cars with well below the 800 horsepower limit that the single-pump G-Surge can handle. I eyx˜ë‘±Oò6”º­ÔºmÝTZ£6qà «­ø\¨Y²+«óðªZ”œ¤ˆùzÜÝ]¦ùð÷³š=Åt麼½ð#UTz ãýT qgįdŠÎÄdOgb]™%òµÌR³Ôâ²,GE‹MªŽ‡N&wIÖ·“ú†æîøh; æ. DirtDemon. Do not use a replacement part of lesser quality. - - '94 EXT 580 EFI problems (https: Turn the key on. For instance the headlight relay is the same configuration, and it will plug into the EFI relay spot, but the amp rating is lower on the headlight relay than the EFI or main relay, and can cause the relay to overheat. This 12v wire will now energize the relay to turn on. Swapped the circuit opening relay and no power. It is advised to start with a value of . Under normal operating conditions the light self-tests when you first start your vehicle, lighting up for about 3 seconds, and then going out. One particularly important part of the engine fuel delivery assembly, is the relay. Starter Solenoid Relay for Polaris Sportsman 500, 800 Ranger RZR. Re: Curious fuel pump relay problem (93 Camry) >> Check for any corrosion or bad connections at the socket base. The other side of the relay socket has connections as well and if tapping/shaking/wiggling provides a temporary fix, chances are your problem is there. If there is no continuity, replace the relay. thanks to the epa we're ruining our outboards. Polaris Relay - Spst, 12V, 20A, Epxy, Hfa (4016819) is used in Electrical, Wire Harness - R10VH76AW/AO/AB assembly for 2010 Polaris RANGER RZR S 800 EFI (R10VH76AW/AO/AB), Electrical, Wire Harnesses assembly for 2011 Polaris RANGER 4X4 800 EFI ALL OPTIONS (R11TH76/TY76), Electrical, Regulator, Relays, Sensors and Ecu - R09HH68/HY68 All Options assembly for 2009 Polaris RANGER 4X4 700 EFI ALL I eventually found out it was likely the EFI Relay. But fuel relay will not click. The wiring schematic i found on the internet wasnt much help. Lastly, if you have an Alpha 1 drive, I'd switch out the neutral safety switch, part # 87-808009a3. From the relay a wire with connector goes to the main EZ-EFI wiring harness with a ground wire at the connector. The black/green wire to the fuel cut relay is the power wire to the relay. A fan controller with screw-in sensor/switch (non-adjustable 185 on/175 off, or something like that), then through a standard Bosch-style 4-pin relay. The EFI is controlled by the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) which interprets data from sensors that monitor the vital parts of the' engine. EFI main relay system. 4-6 beyond the relay bank feed to the dedicated wire for pump. When using the 30001/30002 Go EFI kits, the Com-mand Center is suitable for engines making from 200 HP to 600 HP. And then while someone presses the starter button, place one lead of your VOM on that now unused relay terminal and the other connector on chassis ground. As we discussed in other blog posts, 90% of all electrical problems relate to a bad ground. EFI TROUBLESHOOTING CHART Based on possibly occurring problems (fuel injection system only) NOTE: This chart identifies only problems pertaining to the fuel injection system. May 22, 2015 2G TL Problems & Fixes - DIY: Locate PGM-FI / Fuel Pump Relay / Main relay - A lot of people, like me, are not able to locate the PGM-FI main  Next, pull the EFI relay and see if there's any corrosion on the 22 Nov 2016 I didn' t care SInce it is listed last, it is the least likely cause of any of the problems. – Is bad spark, bad CMP, bad CKP, scan it and crank at the same time; ASD relay closes for 2 seconds, but you discover no 12vdc at coil + or injector 12vdc power is dead (during said 2 seconds), or (0v) cranking. COMMON PROBLEMS. It runs like a champ most of the time, but the efi bulb check relay is hot as . I replaced it, and the truck was happy for four days or so. I'm fairly certain my problem is not the fuel pump. Choose Your Ratio One of the great features of the Sniper is the ability to set your air/fuel ratio (AFR) where you want it. When the relay failed in the field, I still was able to drive home, but the engine wanted to hi-idle and it just didn't run 100%. Installed new one (cheapo) and it failed after about 1000km. I have a chiltons manual but it does not tell where the EFI or Fuel pump relay is . So I have two "bad" cheap switches from napa. will also jump ground to fuel pump to assure all that wiring is good. The EFI fuse powers EFI relay than powers the COR. Just the basic format) There should be a fuel regulator some where near the fuel rail, need to find the exact fuel PSI required and test yours. You might want to examine and clean the circuit opening relay like you did the EFI relay, but I believe that the engine check light is only powered from the ignition switch, and if it is not illuminating Posted: May 15, 2009 at 1:23 PM / IP Logged had a customer come in with a 2003 lexus RX300 and the efi relay under the hood clicks or chatters whenever the key is not in the ignition. EFI fuse circuit totally unrelated to starter circuit. The folks at Holley say the throttle body can be bolted to a spreadbore intake, or a spacer of some sort can be used. The fuses are labeled the same as the relays. Afterwards, had a weird problem with the horn honking (after unlocking the car with my Python alarm). Page 25 NOTE: The fuel pump relay used in the EZ-EFI® 2. Got the car from another, was told it was working prior to replacement of timing belt. Engine Stops. DI8Z0–02 EFI file format description. Sep 22, 2009 In this article, we will cover troubleshooting the EFI/DFI systems when a control unit (ECU), an electrical relay, a manifold absolute pressure  Both EFI. HP Serial # Power Trim Relay Letter 9. You want to change the entire EFI system, or some part, or what. Because the EFI Main Relay supplies battery voltage to the +B terminal of the check connector when the ignition switch is in the run position, this is an excellent place to perform a quick check of the relay function. Any negatives to that? Fuel System Wiring. checked in the event there is a problem with the fuel injection system. Just like to thank the people that have put posts on here as it helped me get my wifes car going which i9s an ef falcon. Get it as soon as Fri, Sep 27. 1. For example, your Honda Accord starts great in the morning, drive around town, stop a the grocery store or the gas station and the vehicle no longer starts up after a hot soak. If there is continuity, replace the relay. There are some good diagrams on pages EF-25 and more in the FSM. Or not. EFI/MPI talks to itself and with its sensors by voltage, and loose wires can cause a bad case of 'telephone'. A¢%^;ð ŒW"šˆ¤‘îî¶ ´ ¹iT¦ôiàL½]l–oq¿d)Ûî$8êÎÁA*£z­tÍA¿ƒ°:‡l4 5e¢®Š H'àñ (´`ñ„—ÜÚìibÑ5±Ø<ê6Uš)nøs’™‰é…Wešc“¢#Þ]’'\­Øâóü+­¨xϲ÷ק6Wr When the relay fails or has an issue it can cause major problems with the operation of the vehicle. Retuned IAC steps per instructions. Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Troubleshooting Document #1. The problem with the relays is tiny, almost invisible microscopic cracks in the solder. In conjunction with the fuel pump relay, it probably acts as electro-mechanical switching if either condition is present. You simply hook up the two connectors to their intended locations and attach the ground wire. Wire pin 85 of the relay to the 12v supply wire from the stock ECU that you just cut. but nooooooooooooooooo that would be to easy wouldn't it? EZ EFI Problems: someone has to be able to help. >[quoted text clipped - 25 lines] >> relationship between an EFI relay and ABS light. Mine starts up fine. Pull the fuse to stop. I even tested with a new relay to eliminate the relay problem completely. When relay coil side is energized from a signal from computer, the relay contacts close and power is sent to the pump. At any rate, I'm right back to not having a dependable ride. The relay next to it in my book is labeled IG2. Why would the EFI relay in a landcruiser fj80 overheat? i've been having problems with the efi relay in my land crusier fj80 overheating. New Tank/Pump Solves EVERY Problem With EFI Fuel Systems! The Dual Pump G-Surge Tanks use two of the 340-lph pumps and can feed up to 1,600 horsepower. TESTING. But, ~30 seconds after I unlock the door, the doors will automatically lock and the relay will start clicking again. Remove the EFI main relay from the relay block. I checked with a local dealer, and they told me to unplug the door chime under the dash. The Sniper EFI throttle body is a bolt-on replacement for a square-flange carburetor. 2 days ago · Simple relay- has a power feed for the pump at one relay terminal (it is hot at all times), and a fuel pump wire to pump on another terminal (the power out for relay). I have tried changing the relay, to no avail. ENGINE CONTROL UNIT (ECU) 1986 toyota 22rte/re efi wiring diagram 2. The other day I was driving my tuck over to a friends place with no problems from the truck . the starter motor was playing up and i tried about 6-7 times to get it to turn and once it started the fuel relay clicked every 10 sec and fuel cuts off also, it did this on Main relay location. Now when I turn the key on I hear the fuel pump running, but when I turn it off the pump will continue to run until I either disconnect the battery or remove the EFI relay. – This means the ASD relay is bad. 1 closed hith ignition at ig or st position @ circuit opening relay 2-1:closed hith starter 1984 720 truck, same problem with fuel pump relay. As the temp starts to rise past 185, I can reach down and lightly tap the relay and it will immediately kick on. The truck drives normally for about 5 min. Tested to see if there is power at the fuel relay and there is 12. put EFI gage on rail and measured 39psi +/- 3psi when key was on. Here are some things to check: 1) The wires around the EGR tube for melting or fraying. On an Accord, you will lose fuel pressure. 1982 Porsche 928, fuel system problem. It is the 22RE motor. the bulb is not hard until i pump it but i dont see fuel in the water or elsewhere. The kit comes with an ECU capable of learning the fuel requirements of broadly any size engine – but the system is costly and very Problems With the Idle Speed Idle speed—whether slow, rough, low, fast, or irregular—point to a number of possible problems. the ecu should energize the fuel pump relay for 1-2 seconds to get the psi up to spec before cranking Kohler 26hp EFI fuel problem. Assuming your fuse/relay box is similar to mine, the EFI relay is small and black, and interchangeable with the nearby 'tail-light' and 'power-outlet' relays. 2) bad FP relay. I do have a few voltage problems I measured voltage at 12. Is it possible that my J&S Safeguard caused this? What I blew was the EFI Power source relay coming out of the ECU and then blew the EFI Main relay. Tough problem to overcome. If I was trouble-shooting it, I might disconnect mrel from the ECU (by pulling the ECU Pin) and see if it still clicks. The TFI module is also known as the Ignition Control Module (ICM) which reports engine position and rpm to the PCM. Either fuel delivery system can be used with these EFI systems. If voltage drop is high, start looking for a corroded or overheated connector, a faulty relay  A fuel pump is a frequently (but not always) essential component on a car or other internal . (2) Check that there is no continuity between terminals 3 and 5. If there is a malfunction in the circuit of the integration relay, replace the integration relay. You want to use either a 12V battery or voltage regulator to test the relay. The plunger in the relay thing is much easier to get to on the Bonneville as the relay is much more accessible not being under the fuel tank. Mar 19, 2018 It is part of the control system of a fuel pump and its failure can lead to start up problems. the boat just dies like you pulled the kill switch. Don't Be A Parts Hanger. If this relay fails, everything fails: the dash, the 12V receptical, and the 4WD switch. efi file can be edited, converted or printed with. The administrator has banned your IP address. One switch is for up and one for down. The relay will close, and you should get continuity between the two pins that the meter is connected to. Sierra 18-5849 Mercury Power Trim Relay for Outboards Fits Power Trim Relay used on most 2 & 4 Stroke (non-Verado) engines. Make sure that you have a solid metal-to-metal connection to your chassis with no paint, grease, powder coating or dirt in the way. Re: Mercury 200hp Relay Switch Problems Well guys correct me if im wrong. Clicking this will make more experts see the question and we will remind you when it gets answered. If it passes this test, the fuel pump relay CONTACTS AND COIL are working. If there is a problem picking up a signal during cranking, lower this value . this all started when i replaced my after market fuel pump. Found a ground wire coming from the engine block that parralels the battery ground,(white with a black stripe) but cant seem to find where it connects to. It will start, run about 2 seconds, then dies. General Electrical & Lighting Related Topics - fuel pump relay issues - My buddy has a 1988 toyota rv with the pickup cab. 5 terminal and the battery negative terminal to the No. When switching the relays, see if the problem changes directions. New relay and it's idling at 850-900 and drove around perfect. by Kay Abbot. Strangely, if I unlock the doors using the remote, the relay will stop clicking. The switching contact controls 12V to the fuel pump. Heard some clicking and found out it's the EFI relay after looking around. The problem is this EFI doesn't have this. Replaced ign/fuel relay, but nothing. If part replacement is nec-essary, the part must be replaced with one of the same part number or with an equivalent part. With mine it was the relay getting cold. This tends to happen when I try to start the car but the key may slip in my fingers and I have to restart. The integration relay cannot be disassembled. Electronic Control Assembly), but also supplies power to the fuel injectors, the fuel pump relay, and a few other emissions related solenoids. E. Also can anyone tell me where i can find the efi main relay. Yes, you can push start the EFI's as long as the battery is only "low" (like 12. Take a screwdriver or something and give it a few sharp taps. The Sniper is installed very simply as I've only got it hooked up to an MSD 6AL and Ford electronic distributor. If replacing the relay socket doesn’t work, you’ll have to find out what drives the relay (ECU) and fix that. Re: problem with Mercruiser 5. A clicking relay (solinoid) usually means that it is completing the high current circuit but the only way to be sure is to test the relay by disconnecting the red wire at the relay. IMPORTANT: The engine outdrive trim tilt pump motor will work only if BOTH relays are connected. I can also take a piece of wire and touch between post on fuel relay If when hot the fuel pump doesn't come on, first check that the relay clicks, if not you may have a bad relay. But truth be told, if those are out, the engine cranking and not starting is likely to be the least of your worries, as everything will be dead. Otherwise, could be tough to find the short since EFI fuse powers the circuit opening relay and fuel pump, powers the ecu and, through it, many of the sensors. This will not be instant, but it may resemble what happens when a car runs out of gas. It's almost like the ECM (or whatever the proper term is) works intermittently when the system is hot. Take a look at the wiring diagram. Automatic Shutdown Relay. If you have voltage, then there is a problem with the pump and it may need to be replaced. those O2 heater circuits also draw current. 9 (4-STROKE)(323CC) 0G760300-0T979999 - - 15 Add to Cart Swapped in new EEC relay, let it warm up for 20 mins, took it for a 10 minute drive, no problems. The fuel pump relay is activated by the EFI ECU when the engine is running. Now it's down to either the worse for the pump or the relay. The black/green wire also goes to the engine stop switch, turns into a black/white wire then supplies power to the CDI unit. Common symptoms include; poor fuel economy, backfiring, ‘running on’ when the car is turned off and rough idling. But what happends occasionally is that the EFI main relay fuse in the engine compartment MELTS. I'm gun shy to go . EFI Fuse blows – Toyota My EFI Fuse blows on my Toyota. 35 Volts. A faulty fuel pump relay can cause the car to come to a complete stop while driving. Some relays are built into the integration relay. I've seen this item causes problems by retarding the engine timingBravo doesn't use this switch. I completed the timing belt replacement, fuel pump, filter and relay was replaced by previous owner. Wire pin 86 to a good ground on the car. Even if the ecu was not powering up the fuel pump relay the fuel pump should still run because it looks like the relay is set to bypass the resistor when starting, and also does that for full throttle and acceleration. by Trassier. Other issues can be traced back down to bad connections or grounds. It feeds through the inertia switch to activate EFI is Elec Fuel Inj, but it's a big system. EDIT - Blue covered the relay in Posts #3, 4 and 5. You must pull the EFI fuse to reset the memory in the ECU When you turn the key, the ECU (MREL) outputs 12vdc through the relay to ground. i use only premium gas but im sure it still has plenty of ethanol in it. I've replaced my fuel pump, fuel filter. This triggers the Relay to close and send power back to the ECU and other components through a higher amperage circuit. I have a 1997 Tacoma 2wd V6 . To contact the administrator click here C/OPN is circuit opening relay. The fuel pump relay controls power to the fuel pump, So, any faults with it can cause fuel pump issues. EFI Relay Bypass Kit (Immobilizer Fix) for UZJ100/LX470. The other relay terminal is a ground for the coil side of Unstable voltage Problem Bronco Tech Community Message Forum Photo Gallery Event Calendar Book Reviews Bronco Wallpaper Bronco FAQ Link Back to CB! 600+ Bronco Links! Dunhil Starter Solenoid Relay for POLARIS RANGER 800 RZR EFI 2008-2012 SPORTSMAN 500 2006-2010. Removal of this relay will make it so the car will not start. This is because power to the trim-tilt pump motor is in series with BOTH relays. So is the relay bad or is it some kind of wire problem. • The sensors of the system collect engine operating information and transmit it to the ECU. A faulty relay may allow the vehicle to be restarted a short while later, while a completely failed relay will not. Many Toyota owners have a problem with the electronic fuel injection (EFI) fuse blowing repeatedly. The Center also has a regulator and fuel pressure gauges. Initially, the car stopped when the key was turned off. I have a feeling this could be my problem. The Sniper EFI throttle body is available in three finishes: shiny, black ceramic, and classic gold. The Starter Relay Is Identical And Can Be Use To Swap With The Fuel Pump(system) Relay For Troubleshooting And Also To Get Your Bike Going And Back Home Again. Also used on MCM 496 & MIE 8. While the EFI relay can cause untold grief (I have a ’91 and a ’92 and both within hours of purchase had EFI relay problems) the EFI relay is not always the guilty party. Locate fuse and relay. Read to know when it's time to change. The ECU uses this continuous flow of data to determine the appropriate injector pulse rate and throttle opening position. On most Honda Accords, the Main Relay is located on the dash on the drivers hand side usually to the left of the steering column. able operation of all Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) equipped engines. If the ECU is not receiving a good and steady signal from the EFI relay it could cause it to act funny . Hope this helps future FAST EZ EFI users. I've spent a few days reading up on the net and only found a few threads where the relay its self was the problem, or a short on the fuel pump wiring coming out on top (poping efi fuses like crazy). If you are trying to prevent the fuel pump from turning on by itself, pull the C/OPN Relay. You could remove the fuel pump relay, pop the cover off, and examine the contact points for burning. remove the battery cables and clean them,hook back up and try jump starting. View All » Alternators; Camshafts, Bearings, Lifters & Push Rods; Carburetors; Connecting Rod Bearings; Crankshaft Bearings; Distributor Assembly & Components Automatic Shutdown Relay by Bob O’Neill and Bob Lincoln The power supplied to the fuel pump, ignition coil, fuel injectors , and parts of the power module is controlled by the logic module through the Automatic Shutdown Relay (ASD); the idea is to shut off fuel pressure and the ignition systems when the key is turned off to prevent fires, dieseling, and other problems. You can check by testing voltage at the 2p connector on the top of the fuel pump when you first turn the key: brown wire (+), green (-). 6. Any negatives to that? Attach the battery positive terminal to the No. The EEC Power Relay is easy to recognize because it's usually a brown color. A 340 L/PH EFI pump is submerged in the fuel in the Command Center sump tank. Wiring in the Fuel Pump Relay . Checked all the fuses and all good. re: the relay, is that the main efi relay or will the car have a separate fuel pump relay / should i add a second fuel pump relay? not easy to see but it's the blue connector in this picture, on the 'back' of the engine at the centre of the engine bay. Yea there is a Efi relay under the hood that's fine but also a relay that looks the same under the dash behind the kick panel at my left foot that isn't labeled and that one is blown I have found out, but I need to find out why it blew. The problem started again; truck  Jan 8, 2016 As the fuel pump relay controls power to the fuel pump, any faults with it can cause issues with the fuel pump, which can cause drivability  Signs & Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Pump Relay. 0 EFI in my 2002 Chap 240 starts fine and gets up to good high speed (3500+ RPM), the boat will plane fine and then after about 3 to 5 minutes into the ride the engine suddenly cuts down to a very rough idle speed and wile it will not shot off completely INSPECT EFI MAIN RELAY (a) Inspect the relay continuity. If the engine stalls, the ECU will deactivate the relay and shut the fuel pump off as a safety feature. and it should. The black wire in their 7-pin connector must go to ground. I am also not even sure if this is a fuel pump relay or not. If the fuel pump does not work, check the wiring between the main relay and the fuel . This means both the ECU and the main EFI relay need battery (perm) power, and the ignition switch is basically a request signal asking the ECU to activate the EFI relay, and pins C1-63 & C1-68 are inputs where the ECU receives 12V power from that EFI relay. It has a heavy red power wire and brown ground wire. Shop Mercury Outboard Trim Relays at Wholesale Marine. I replaced the whole shebang which included both fuse contacts, all 4 relay contacts, and the EFI relay side of EB1. The problem in your case is the switch hardware/mechanism. Toyota RAV4 Service Manual: Integration relay. Fuse box diagram. They are usually labeled 30, 85, 86, and 87. the fuel pump for an EFI system needs to be high pressure, which also means it runs hot. Recently while mowing, it started to backfire and eventually died. So now instead of the stock ecu energizing the fuel pump, it will energize this relay. In my experience the far majority of Sniper EFI customers never have a problem with radio frequency / electro-magnetic interference (RFI/EMI). Returnless EFI systems are subject to the same problems as any other type of fuel injection system: pump and relay problems, plugged fuel filters, dirty injectors, even bad gas. 59. Re: Mercury EFI outboard problem. There aren’t many relays on the fox Mustang’s EEC-IV EFI system. The dropping resistor is located behind the wiindshield washer bottle. Your vehicle may already have an O2 sensor bung welded into the exhaust. FAST has the relay harnesses to compliment this system. The ECU provides a grounding signal for the control solenoid of the relay, which energizes the relay and allows the battery to supply voltage to the cooling fan. EFI relay pin 86 power Bronco Tech If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact the admin. When the key is turned to the on position the relay is switched on and power is directed to the vehicle’s ignition and fuel system components, notably the fuel pump and ignition coils. It's a black box a couple of inches square with the coupling going into the bottom of itif I recall the coupling is white. Check that there is no continuity between terminals 2 and 4. Using an ohmmeter, check that there is continuity between terminals 1 and 3. Step 5 – Testing the Fuel Pump Relay. Common Problems Stein and Mana stressed verifying the proper operation of the electrical and mechanical parts of the system in question because, in many instances, the electronics are working properly. If there is continuity, go on to Step 4. 1986 toyota 22rte/re efi wiring diagram 2. fuse, through the kill switch. I would say that if it was a sudden failure, it might be the relay. It's idling where it "was" again, too. However, a small percentage (about 10%) runs into this challenging gremlin. FiTech/RF wiring question. The PCM then determines the proper spark timing and advance, and returns a reference signal to tell the TFI module to switch the coil, thereby by creating a spark. Touch the power supply's trigger to the input pin. When Look in with a flashlight and see the main relay up on the left. If the ignition relay shorts, burns out, or otherwise fails while the engine is operating it will cut off power to the fuel pump and ignition system. Put the relay back and it continue to clicks after 10 seconds. Our Mercury Outboard Trim Relays are at the lowest prices and same day shipping! Returnless EFI systems are subject to the same problems as any other type of fuel injection system: pump and relay problems, plugged fuel filters, dirty injectors, even bad gas. Most of the problems with the EFI system can be traced back to a bad battery (Needs to be 12v when key is on - ECU needs 12v to run correctly). 0 MPI Sigh. Intermittent wiring problems, etc. The vehicle will gradually slow to a stop and the engine will refuse to come back on for a time. Many people share . If it's funky, pull the covers off & look for signs of heat. The fuse was blown and would blow as soon at the key was turned on. Relay wiring: The switched outputs from the ECU are not meant to directly drive high-current devices such as fuel pumps or electric fans. I have noticed that whenever I give more gas (acceleracted), the fuse blows of sooner. In this photo, voltage head steady at the initial reading. I checked the fuel level and I know it has gas but the pump will not presurize the system . Intermittent cold stalling problems are almost always fuel-related. The problem was intermittent at first but now the customer says that it happens so often that he is scared to drive it. @ efi hain relay no. If the switch has an engineered dead spot between run and crank ( It did not matter with a carburetor when they designed your vehicle, but it’s not EFI friendly) and it’s just not plum worn out, you can install a time delay relay in-line to correct this I use relay part number 74985 from Delcity to overcome the switch design. efi files without attaching instructions on how to use it. Swap the power-outlet relay with the EFI relay, and see if that solves the problem. Walker MT 26 EFI electrical problem. If it fails this test , A company in the US called FAST have created a system known as EZ-EFi which is a self learning fuel injection system consisting of a large four barrel plenum fitted to a custom manifold. if I put a jumpwire 4/26/2018 1/1/0001 I shorted the EFi relay and ignition switch stopped starting 1/19/2017 1/1/0001 I have a EFI relay in a 1988 Toyota MR2 that will not come 2/8/2016 1/1/0001 When I turn the key on I can't hear the fuel pump running so I decided to try the FP ECU bypass to see if it's the pump or the ecu that is causing the problems. It helps if you know the major bad fuel relay symptoms which can help you in taking care of the problem in advance. EFI problems can be caused by dirty fuel or a blocked injector. Do you know if it's a manufacturing problem in Toyotas or is there another reason? Trying to replace my fuel relay for my truck and I can't find it. The EFI is rated at 15 Amps. I believe it works with your fuel pump relay to shut off fuel when the engine is not running. Steps: 1. I just noticed the clicking last night. These include dirty fuel injectors, faulty spark plugs, or an electrical problem with the engine control system. The EFI relay is under hood and the other in dash. During normal low load with engine running the power for the fuel pump goes through the resistor. I've changed each of the (2) relays in the power module with no success. Whether unfortunate or not, my C10 had a Q-jet (I can hear the Holley fans cringing), which is a spreadbore style. Found the relays and swapped the EFI relay with the ACC relay and power relay, no power to pump. Car suddenly stalls while operating. Now having a lot of problems with acceleration, i. That's why they upgrade to the EZ-EFI fuel pump conversion for mpg improvement. 05 Volts at a time until you get reliable triggering during cranking (valid engine speed), then multiply this value by 0. The Fc terminal of the meter grounds the circuit opening relay-Check and test the COR. On this page, we try to provide assistance for handling . When the relay fails or has an issue it can cause major problems with the operation of the vehicle. After You Put The Starter Relay Into The Socket For The Fuel Pump (system) Relay Your Fuel Pump Should Be Operable. look for an old alarm relay too in one of the ignition circuits. If you interrupt the ECU or EFI relay power using the ignition switch, you will need to manually commit any calibration changes using the laptop software or they will not be saved when the power is removed. Problem with fuel control relay in 75 series?? Unread post by sneddo251 » September 27th, 2009, 2:02 am I have had a problem with my fuel control relay in my HJ75 troopy. This bypass kit is for you if: You are told a new fuse box 82720-60023 will fix your intermittent starting problem but you don't want to spend $460 just for the part alone You have intermittent starting problem and you replaced the 20A EFI fuse with 30A fuse or paper clip You have intermittent EFI Relay Problem on 3F Equipped 80's 3F equipped 80's have a known problem with the EFI relay. won't start is probably due to a fuel related problem such as a bad fuel pump. Jan 2, 2015 Here are some reasons why relays are better than switches: A correctly wired relay will provide the shortest electrical path (i. 3 terminal of the main relay. Then check that there is continuity between the No. Sometimes however, the fault has to be found somewhere within the EFI system using advanced diagnostic testers. Recently the EFI Relay located under the hood has started clicking when the key is out of the ignition switch, it does not happen if the key is in the ignition. Tech: Troubleshoooting the EFI system in the 3. the ecu should energize the fuel pump relay for 1-2 seconds to get the psi up to spec before cranking One of those problems can involve the main relay. Cold stalling problems are the most common because the engine needs a richer fuel mixture to maintain idle speed until it warms up. If the main relay bad on a Civic, you will lose power to the injectors and the fuel pump, but you may not lose fuel pressure since the fuel injectors can't open without power. The pump will run for Re: Mercury EFI outboard problem. There is no needle and seat controlling the amount of fuel entering the FSM. New EFI install (Electromotive) with their power module. Swapped in new EEC relay, let it warm up for 20 mins, took it for a 10 minute drive, no problems. The symptoms are engine stuttering and worst case, no engine ignition. Relay Problems Hey, I have an 08 DS that gave me intermidiant power problems and threw the service engine light on and eventually flashing and then shutdown on me at a derby. The motor will currently trim up but no down. Although the problem is the same, different Honda models have different symptoms if the main relay is bad. Since you are in a hotter climate, that obviously makes the problem worse. I offer this troublesh One particularly important part of the engine fuel delivery assembly, is the relay. My 2003 Toyota Corolla no crank no start battery good EFI relay is good EFI fuse is good what could be the problem. It controls the Engine Control Module as well as the Fuel Pump. opening relay, the relay switches on, power is supplied to the fuel pump and the fuel pump operates. Hard wired the yellow ignition wire for the alarm right to the fuse box. It is usually clipped in and or held in place by one or two screws 10 mm screws or nuts. Now I tried to start it and no idiot (check engine) light and no fuel pump running. If they’re burnt the relay could very well be the problem and a worn pump could be the major cause of that. $8. 75. if I put a jumpwire…. The type of solder used in high-volume production is different than that used in an electronics repair shop. You need a signal from your ECU to start and a signal from your AFM to run. 0l V6. Best Answer: It controls the electronic fuel injection. (1) Using an ohmmeter, check that there is continuity between terminals 1 and 2. i adjusted my Mallory fuel . extremely rich mixture, which could cause drivability problems and severe engine damage. Need to see if the injectors are getting a fire pulse command from the ECM. The truck runs fine, the EFI fuse hasn't blown (I've taken the truck on a few long range runs, 2hrs+ of constant run time), just the hot relay. Tried to crank it and it would turn over and want too crank but wouldnt. While the NE signal is generated (engine running), the ECM keeps Tr on (circuit opening relay on) and the fuel pump also keeps operating. Never defeat operation of the safety relief disc in the nitrous cylinder's valve: It's required by Replacing efi relay - Cars & Trucks question. Toro 74240 Kohler 26 efi problems. When the main relay goes bad, and there isn't any voltage at the injectors, it will set a code 16 computer message for an injector, because the computer doesn't read Many people will look at the above diagram and instantly jump to fusible links, EFI fuse or Main Relay as the likely source of the problem. However, before looking for the problem in the fuel injection system, from the EFI relay to the circuit opening relay, slightly or intermittently shorting, or the circuit opening relay itself, or it's socket. When combin - The FSM is mounted aft and outside of the driveshaft housing, directly below the lower adapter plate on Verado models. fuel pump died yesterday thought it was the relay got a new relay thismorning put it in connected up the hoses and put the retaining platic nut back on and tightened up seen if it would pump fuel with the ignition on and my wife said it gurgled so she now has her car back General Information. Provided you had a good ground there's only two options loose pin fit on the spade of the relay to the female pin in the junction block or you don't have a full 12 V signal coming from the IGN fuse to energize that relay. Nitrous Oxide won't fix problems you already have: Before you install your nitrous system, be sure your engine is in good mechanical condition. I've had a version of that problem happen to the original and then to my first replacement switch despite the relay upgrade. This may be due to a lack of continual fuel feed from the gas tank. Posted August 26, 2010. Wiring the Holley Sniper EFI. >> Check for corrosion on any grounds as well (pin 6 white/black wire). Anything more is a problem. 5 S except  Oct 24, 2017 The most common cause of fuel pump failure is frequently running Diagnosing fuel pressure problems is often tricky because the . When using the 8-injector 30012 Go 1 30313 Harness, EZ‐EFI® FP Relay Solid State 1 54027G Fuel Pressure Gauge, FAST 0‐100 PSI 7 30275 Fitting, ‐6AN Straight Push Lock End yes sounds like the ECU may be acting up. When you turn your key on, you should hear that sweet sound of fuel being pumped into the system. Modern  Jun 19, 2018 The main EFI relay is incorporated into the integration relay which is located in the under hood fuse panel on the left side. It is compatible with return style fuel systems and required for returnless style fuel systems. we replaced the relay and have the same issue. And when you do it can seem like nothing is working right. Anyone know what a System Relay does specifically? Working out a few kinks trying to get a Dyna running and I can't find anywhere on the internet that will tell me what a System Relay does, we're trying to diagnose the problem and we don't know if this relay could be part of it. One of the first symptoms of an issue with the fuel pump relay is an engine that suddenly stalls. Dual Contact (Single Relay), Ignition Switch Controlled This EFI Main Relay configuration is used on Sniper EFI Problems. (bad contacts, replace it) Fuel Pump Relay. The problem here. Ignition spark is fine Air intake is fine EFI relay pin 86 power Bronco Tech If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact the admin. Have measured 12 VDC at coil, so far no problems with fuses or relays evident. With the key On you should have battery voltage at the dropping resistors, they are fed directly by the EFI/Pump relay, which is on the circuit with the FI fusible link. 59 $ 8. Problem: car starts, but when the key is turned off - the engine continues to run. • The actuators are devices like the fuel injectors, fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, and spark plug coil, and relays. See the link below. Heres some more info. Fuel pump relay. More fiddling didn't help and cleaned ECU connection with electronic cleaner. efi blown fuse Ive seen distributor/ ignitor and even the coil wires cause efi fuse to blow on 2 different 89 22R E's keep it in mind. 4VDC for me) and not actually dead (really low voltage). Using an ohmmeter, measure the resistance between each terminal. From the fuse box, the EFI circuit hits connector EB1 which then feeds B+ to the ECU. If things work the relay is your problem. Answers. The load side of the EFI relay feeds +12 to the ECU (EFI on logic), all 3 VSV valves, both O2 sensors, the ISC valve, pin 8 (B+) on the Check Connector, and the load side of the circuit opening relay which feeds the fuel pump when the motor is running. 88 F-350 with EFI 460 Starting/Running Problems - posted in 80-96 Ford Truck Tech Support: I have a 1988 Ford F-350 with an EFI 460 engine. 5 efi petrol motor the later 2 EFI fuse problem Hi, I got the similar problem with my 88 4Runner as Nick4runner's description. Then out of the blue the rig will die or not start and the check engine light will not come on. When I try to start the car, it cranks but there is no click from the relay, and the fuel pump doesnt make a sound. If there is no continuity, replace the relay and retest. Main Relay Circuits. Buddy has a 98 tacoma 4 cylinder that sat in his backyard for about 3 years. Discussion in 'Technical Chat' started by Weltman909, Aug 13, 2012. The EEC Power Relay not only supplies battery voltage to the fuel injection computer (also known as the E. The power supplied to the fuel pump, ignition coil, fuel injectors, and parts of the power module is controlled by the logic module through the Automatic Shutdown Relay (ASD); the idea is to shut off fuel pressure and the ignition systems when the key is turned off to prevent fires, dieseling, and other problems. The service procedures recommended and described in this service manual are effective meth- When using the 30001/30002 Go EFI kits, the Com - mand Center is suitable for engines making from 200 HP to 600 HP. The EFI fuse is located in the underhood fuse relay box. The problem i m facing is that for the first 4 to 5 times relay switches on and off properly but after some time it starts to back-effect the circuit, i m using IN4007 as the suppressor diode and BC548 with the 5 V relay. Relays are a way to use a Can a bad fuel pump relay cause battery issues like rapid clicking? 866 Views. . I've been stranded on the lake after dark with both machines different times Once I tow off the lake and stick it in a warm garage, no problems starting. My truck used to run. 1L. The FSM is mounted aft and outside of the driveshaft housing, directly below the lower adapter plate on Verado models. (b) Inspect the relay operation. When an engine is losing power or refusing to start, the problem may be with the fuel delivery  Apr 6, 2018 The fuel pump relay controls power to the fuel pump, So, any faults with it can cause fuel pump issues. I didn't even made it to registration tent. the customer thinks it is related to the remote starter install, but after doing an internet search found out EFI Fuse blows – Toyota My EFI Fuse blows on my Toyota. HOWEVER it would drop to ~30-35psi when I would crank or get it to idle (which was always difficult) So I bought a replacement fuel pump and installed, the pressure improved to within spec initially when key was on or when cranking running. With Proper Troubleshooting Procedures You Can Diagnose Your EFI System. Just switch with a like relay to see if it makes pump work. The relay should engage and apply voltage to the pump and send fuel into the bottle. Fiddled with the harness out of the ECU and the light came on, continued mowing for 2 hours and put her up. It’s like a string of dominos; one thing always takes down the next in line. The engine may start for a moment or two and then abruptly stop without ever leaving the driveway. The fuel pump is in the gas tank, it is located directly behind the filler cap under the plastic. A fuel pump and its associated components are vital parts of a car engine's assembly. 1 terminal and No. So why is that relay labeled IG2 and not EFI. 2 Answers. 3. body. If when hot the fuel pump doesn't come on, first check that the relay clicks, if not you may have a bad relay. A COR is simply a relay with one switching contact and two coils. 98 tacoma fuel pump relay problem. So problem is I turn the key starter relay clicks and it with turn over motor no problem. by Bob O’Neill and Bob Lincoln. EFI – Electronic Fuel Injection EFP – Electronic Fuel Pump ET – Engine Temperature sensor FI – Fuel Injectors FPR – Fuel Pressure regulator IAC – Idle Air Control actuator IAT – Intake Air Temperature sensor ISS – Ion Sensing System…detonation detection Solenoid Relay (2-Stroke) Solenoid Relay (4-Stroke) Spark Plugs (2-Stroke) Spark Plugs (4-Stroke) Stators; Thermostat Kits; Water Pump Parts (2-Stroke) Water Pump Parts (4-Stroke) Mercruiser. Took the Artic Cat 580 EXT for a blast around the yard and wanted the kids to ride for a while. Find FAST EZ-EFI Fuel Pump Relay Harnesses 30313 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Performance car owners want fuel economy and throttle response. Tried two different relays same problem. Which after further investigation, the alarm tech hooked up the ignition wire to the fuel pump relay-so car would not start. The OEM vehicles always have the pump inside the fuel tank, RELAY 86- 865202T RELAY 882751 POWER TRIM RELAY 882751A 1 RELAY 882751A04 Used on 200/225/250/275 Verado outboards beginning with Model Year 2005. there has been little (got to 60mph in 5th gear the other day and that's it). One of the most common symptoms of a failed ignition relay is a car that suddenly stalls while operating. When the relay closes, power goes from the black/green wire to the black/blue wire turning on the fuel pump. They insisted it wasn't a fault but a characteristic! This particular dealer (Stratstone Leicester) has since closed down. Problem solved. It helps if you know the major bad fuel relay symptoms  Mar 19, 2011 The fuel pump relay is powered through the EFI 1 fuse, the EFI relay and I believe the problem is going to be on the Black/White wire coming  ECU & Electronics - 1988 camry fuel pump problems electric - Hi have a The EFI relay and fuse should be in a fuse/relay box in the engine  Aug 31, 2015 Dodge will NOT replace the relay as the TIPM is considered a The problem is a lack of electrical power to your fuel pump (which is located  There is nothing special about a fuel pump relay. The starting coil is simply triggered when the key is in the STA position. 5 out of 5 stars 2. You can also jump out your fuel pump relay (to bypass it) for testing. Fan, Electric Fuel Pump, Headlights BUT how about for the Electric Seat? Sep 14, 2010 There is a recall involving the ECM relay, TSB NTB10-137b The TSB list 04-06 IPDM - ECU relay problems, symptoms and solution. two wires, blue connector, one is black and red stripe, other i think is blue of some description, cant' remember. I'm having a problem with my 1976 280z. If not, you could have a problem with the pump, relay or fuses. The pumps are NOT controlled by pressure, so if they run for more than 1 sec after key-on, you have problems. first thing in mind is the fuel pump from bad gas. The EFI circuit is initiated from the ECU (E5-pin 3) which energizes the EFI relay coil. Plus it never hurts to have a spare EFI relay. Could be a short. The relay should have 4 pins on it. The other side of the relay coil goes through the ecm to ground, if the ecm says OK, it turns on this relay and supplies power from the ecm power fuse to the fuel injectors, the coil, and through the fuel pump fuse to the fuel pump. I have an 88 4runner with the 22re. That relay only goes one place the fuel injectors. Another issue. Normally when the fuel pump is stuck on your fuel pump relay is stuck on, Try tapping/hitting on the relays a little to see if the pump will turn off with key on. Engine will not start, but runs nice when fuel is put in the intake filter area. In general, Honda fuel problems are often misdiagnosed as a fuel pump problem, when in fact the fuel pump relay is the real culprit. , can lead to erratic system performance and possible engine damage. One particularly important part of the engine fuel delivery assembly, is the fuel pump relay. Edelbrock Community Forum I have a 98 camry V6 with an EFI relay problem. When using the 8-injector 30012 Go EFI System and the Fuel Command Center, the system is suitable for engines making up to 800 HP. I have the same problem with a 2006 Nissan Altima 2. I would like to I have EXCATLY the same problem on my 2013 Bonnie. Most common cause of EFI fuse blowing is the O2 sensor wire touching the exhaust pipe, melting and shorting. Procedure: Install a jumper between the Fuel pump and Ground pins on the Diagnostic connector. My guesses, in order of likelihood are: 1) EEC burned. efi relay problems

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