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Soldbuch, 19. 56 MB) Download Original File Request hi-res copy Title: The soldbuch was the soldiers paybook and also an ID book, with a personal file of the soldier with confirming stamps and signatures. In September 1944 it was decided that special forces units were no longer necessary and the Brandenburg Division became Infantry-Division Brandenburg (Motorised). This gives you a basic Soldbuch that will look good opened for display get you through document checks for reenactments. Invaluable is the world's largest marketplace for art, antiques, and collectibles. Waffen-SS recruitment folder by artist Anton from Gebiet Hessen-Nassau (Extremely rare!) € 499. Several stamps denazified. S. Unit seals are the big circular stamps that have the eagle in the middle and an  Frontpage: SS runes, "Soldbuch zugleich Signature and stamp of the first unit Sverre was involved in (4. Aufgrund der Intel Turbo-Boost-Technik lief der Prozessor bei einfach oder zweifach verknüpften Anwendungen mit einer höheren Frequenz. Your World War 2 militaria web source for U. 1918-1949 Deutsches Reich Johann Alsch/Soldbuch, Militärpaß, Reisepass, Haushalts-Paß, Ausflugsschein 3 Coins and Coin Collecting MA-Shops warranty with certified dealers Coins, medals and banknotes from ancient to modern. NSFK Enlisted Insignia: Shown above are two examples in my collection of NSFK enlisted ranks breast insignia, as worn on the various NSFK uniforms. These are exceptionally rare and difficult to find. It means “tail” in German). A Paybook and Identity Card belonging to Wilhelm Lasch, issued on 17 November 1939, constructed with a light brown cover showing the national eagle clutching a wreathed mobile swastika, below the eagle is the title This is an extremely fine and scarce original ink stamp featuring a polished light wood handle with positioning tack and the metal marking stamp head. This is a website for collectors of original militaria, and ladies quality furs, hats & accessories fot that 40s elegance and style. 8,000 produced with vet bring back items and a note from the vet Hello fellows, This is the latest addition in my Soldbuch collection and because today it is exactly 69 years that this sergeant got KIA it seemed a good idea to post it here. SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler. This includes putting in a photo YOU supply with your blank Bucher. Each stamp is for 2 Pfennigs. Quittungskarte – Invalidenversicherung (including stamps) Soldbuch + Arbeitsbuch with entries of Iron Cross 1st+2nd Class, Infanterie Sturmabzeichen This web page contains a page-by-page translation of my grandfather's Soldbuch. Numerous stamps inside, none have had their swastikas removed. He had been awarded the 1914 EK II, Military Merit Cross with swords, Hindenburg Cross, Gold Wound Badge, and 9 year Long Service award. P38 variations (courtesy of Orv Reichert & p38forum. Because of the Intel Turbo Boost Technology, the processor ran at a faster frequency on a single or dual threaded application. POTPOURRI #37071 Sheet of 50 Unissued Adolph Hitler Stamps. It has all 16-pages and is double stapled on the spine. There is a 46 dated Russian stamp on the inside indicating his Eastern Front service and capture. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. 5. The portrait photo showing his EKII in wear was replaced, but this is a 100% period replacement, with matching stamps. Is there an item, that is manufactured post war, it is clearly noted. L170: E++: SS Soldbuch for Karl Götting of the Schutzpolizei-Hamburg, SS #16089. Adolf Hitler rally tickets, post stamps, Wehrmacht brothel tickets, paper with NSDAP letter-head, hunting license, cotton clothes and equipment name tags & more Your source of quality reproductions of paper collectibles from the Third Reich era This is a standard German nA (low ears model) butcher bayonet with the normal German markings and inspection stamps except has Turkish arabic numbers on the crossguard and has a full length blade. TS 19 8AD German Third Reich SS Soldbuch and artefacts from his Hitler Youth service, Soldbuch issued to SS-In Medals and Militaria. Wolfe of Elkton, MD Bidding Ends Wednesday July 24th, 2019 Starting @ 5PM - Auction conducted online at AMauctions. Several units noted but it looks he ended up serving with Luftnachrichtenschule 6. One has to careful with Zweitschrift Soldbucher with very little entries and stamps from elite combat units; fakers love to copy these. This is a soldbuch for an aviation soldier named Hermann Schwanz (please, no jokes, it IS his name. S. ling out your Soldbuch would be corrected here and the correction would then have been si-gned by a superior in charge. 36 1763). I have a vast collection of original & reproduction stamps needed for completing your Soldbuch with the exception of specific training unit stamps and your combat unit stamps. CYQ 0 series "Volkssturm" gun with capture papers, serial number range 01-07971. Oktober 1915 bis Ende Soldbuch - Wehrpass (1) With US and Russian stamps! $150. It is machine stitched and very durable. 681 likes. It's from a recent vet load ala my buddy E. His Soldbuch was started when he was a Flieger and he was promotoed to Gefreiter 1 September 1944. 6. Lötsch, Metz 1944. These are not simply another piece of kit; each Soldbuch is a living artifact that will most likely become the "soul" of your impression and the object of others' envy! Price for completed Soldbuch: Here you'll find original and pre mai 1945 Panzertruppe related items for sale. Data entries in the NSDAP membership book are complete, and include monthly contribution stamps for 1942 year, up to March of 1945 year. The actuall cover that the Soldbuch was worn in. 04. See page 1 for a very rare "1. It is my first new set of WWII document stamps since 2013. His large photo is as an NCO. He was trained for U-boat service. Original WWII German Military Policeman's SS Soldbuch PLUS!!! This set includes; SS Soldbuch, Clothing and Equipment Insert, 1944 official letter, weapons and equipment list (on back of form!) and a Service travel document for medical reasons. It contains unit notations and stamps. The NCO was issued basic gear and uniforms including a . Welcome to The Medal Guy. The Wehrmacht (German pronunciation: [ˈveːɐ̯maxt] , lit. Duitse bontrugzak, 1936 vroeg model, met leren dragers uit 1918. Nice depot and manufacturer's stamps on the lining. In a clear encyclopedic style this 144 page hardcover book describes and shows a range of over 80 fascinating German World War II identity documents in full color and gives a page-by-page analysis of the contents of each one. 6. co. The Heer Soldbuch to a Gefreiter with a Grenadier unit. These are for Festungs-Bau-Bataillon 12 (a fortress construction unit) and the associated Ersatz unit, Bau-Ersatz-Batl. Schwabik served as a Kriegsmarine war propaganda photographer and as a member of the "Kleinkampfverbände". The Soldbuch is in very good and complete condition. This book also has many entries and stamps. 1936, with straps with are dated 1918. relatives These are real envelopes made from scanned originals and converted into cut-n-fold templates which can be used by anyone wanting to stage their own unit's mail call. . Dead Mint and the best example I ever found in 50 years. The Soldbuch is a 100% complete and loaded with good entries. Stamp Sheet #1 has a number of hospital stamps copied from original paperwork, including hospital designation stamps and rank stamps for military doctors and hospital staff. CYQ b Prefix with three stamps - b127 (Consecutive numbered) CYQ b Prefix with three stamps - b128 (Consecutive numbered) CYQ b Prefix with two stamps - b568. Served with Nachrichten-Betriebs-Kompanie Dänemark before he was sent to the Eastern Front. Green binding on left side. Layaway possible. The designs for these authentic stamps were all taken from original Third Reich documents. If you want this run through the time machine, which really ads to the look $10 more. 00: Soldbuchs filled out and fully stamped: I will fill out your Soldbuch (you must purchase your own) with the correct information and in the correct German script, and ink stamps. Stamps of Fliegerhorst Kitzingen and Fliegerhorst Insterburg. Details of Pay Book I've had a lot of requests for it and I am excited to be able to offer it, I have had a lot of requests for an SS-specific sheet. A good European soldbuch dealer - and very trustworthy - is Janssen-Militaria (Holland) & another one is Disclaimer Have a look at these sites and you will see just how the prices fluctuate depending on who the soldbuch belonged to, what battles he fought in, what units he belonged to and what military awards he won. Joined in october 1944. This sheet of 50 Hitler Stamps is unissued and in the same condition as "liberated" from a 3rd Reich post office at war's end. René Belloq is a highlight of "Raiders of the Lost Ark". J. This is perhaps my best work yet, it has 42 different reproduction stamps, none of which have ever been offered on any of the other sheets. 00. Our inventory has been utilized by Television, Movie Studios and Theaters. Mint condition. /Bereitstellungsabteilung der K. Investigators, but are nicely visible and could possibly be cleaned up. If your going to complain about $35 plus s&h, might as well buy your own stamps and do all the research on filling your own out. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. 42 awarded with the German Cross in Gold and on 31. Btl. com offers for sale a Nazi Luftwaffe Soldbuch zugleich Personalausweis (Air Force Pay Book and Personal Identification Document) in the name of Nikolaus Jansen issued 20 December 1943 at Dienststelle Feldpost Nr. injury code 31b. Also comes with Schiessliste although this only has one entry. uniform photo. The book records his entire WWI record and has many stamps and entries. Dr. -btl 3 soldbuch id with many entries and third reich panzer stamps Soldbuch Page 2:  The birthdate in Item 9 conforms to the typical German practice: Alfred Langer was born on March 8, 1925. $10. Well used Army style Soldbuch with the owners photo in the cover. It is the same size as the Soldbuch sheet (5. It is very, very hard to find soldbuchs belonging to volunters in the Waffen-SS, as these usually where destroyed by their owners at the end of the war. This has gone over another photograph that was removed/replaced, but the counter stamps prove the photograph is the official one for this officer and was probably re-done because he has gone up in rank. <br>The national savings certificates book has 7th issue certificates with date stamps starting 22nd January 1944 and has the holders card in the back, w. The pre-printed item list omitted many basic items issued to nearly every soldier, such as ammunition pouches, clothing bags, or the Zeltbahn, and there was very little space provided to add these in, and no space for the many other items often read more about ww2 german nazi rare waffen ss panzer grenadier a. A very nice example of a Kriegsmarine Soldbuch to a Machinist (senior NCO) Heinz Wolf who underwent U-Boat training. This new set of Soldbuch stamps is finally complete and I am pleased to make this available. Soldbuch, Wehrpass and Document Gallery. Ers-Battation III. Original SS HJ unit stamps and signatures found inside. This auction is live! - German WWII Landeschutzen Soldbuch & Document Lot: Original era manufacture. The soldbuch is well filled out and dates from 1942-1944. Served in infantry division 313 and other divisions. com. 43). 4" x 5 3/4" - Blank Heer Soldbuch, 24 pages, new higher quality, sharper text. If you look at the stamp it is not 100% matching. Has nice uniform photo with the ink stamps from Flugzeugführerschule 22. Beware Of  The photograph does not seem to be the first one applied. five pieces here have survived. /SS Artillery-Ausb. Then  6 Mar 2010 Hello, two years ago I bought a Kriegsmarine soldbuch. e. Machine stitched and very durable. Welcome to the Postal Store at USPS. His Post War documents include: An ID card as a Leutnant but with a photograph of him still wearing his Feldwebel’s uniform. He was born in 1888. Save soldbuch to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Welcome to Kriegsmarine Plus. very rare and valuable. A "Soldbuch" is a small booklet that contains peronal information about the soldier, pay, hospital time, leave, this also serves as his ID, etc The first page lists the owner of the booklet as a member of the 4th division of the SS, he has been enlisted since the 1st of June 1943, his blood type is A, he has a gas mask size of 2, it also lists Helmets, uniforms, medals- original items | This is a nice grouping to a WW1 veteran who got the EK2 and then the 1934 cross. You will enjoy the rich look and different types of U. Belonged to a german soldier named Georg Heiss. This soldier ended up in SS Jagdverband. From the SS archives being the personal file of a soldier serving with the IV. rugzakken uit WO 1 zijn zeer zeldzaam en duur. This has to be the most complete SS document grouping on the market today. Set out much like the Army pay books. LIFETIME GUARANTEE OF ORIGINALITY ON ALL ITEMS, OVER 30 YEARS IN BUSINESS! N019173 GERMAN DISABILITY INSURANCE STAMPS. Some stamps and front cover have been denazifyed. Woundbadge in Black, Ostmedal, Iron Cross 2nd Class and Woundbadge in Silver. WW2 GERMAN NAZI HALF AUSWEIS ID WITH PHOTO AND NICE NAZY STAMPS  Scan from original Soldbuch with Lateinisch handwriting. I have been properly filling out SS-Soldbücher for the last 5 years. nz Address 194 Edgeware Road, St Albans Christchurch, New Zealand Militaria321. Lot reference 27580879. Here we have an interesting Soldbuch for a sailor that was posted on minelayers “Preussen & Ostmark. From Willi Lötsch's soldbuch we know he attended/graduated from the LW flying technical school in Bayrouth, Austria before being assigned to Kampfgeschwader 40 ( ( FW200 4 engine maritime /U-boat recon unit ) in France July 1942. Ok 1st off the condition of this is not good loose pgs, pgs stuck together etc. It has a nice uniform photograph of the recipient stamped and affixed into it. 1' - a Waffen-SS Photograph Album, containing twenty five stuck-in and two loose photographs relating to the Anti-Tank Section of the 1st SS-Panzer Division 'Adolf Hitler', and showing Waffen-SS officers and men in field-grey Assault Gun type uniforms, the usual field-grey tunics and black Panzer uniforms, with green cloth binding embossed Also the Soldbuch (pay book) belonging to Zahlmeister (paymaster) Schenk with numerous stamps from the Jagdstaffel 11, a joke certificate dated 1920 presenting the Pour le Mérite to the 'Monetenhengst der Jagdstaffel Richthofen' (tr. numerous ink stamps. Removed mines after the war ended. -btl 3 soldbuch id with many entries and third reich panzer stamps. Included in this group is his soldbuch, issued August 24, 1939, with uniform pass photo and in heavily used condition. Also this page would have listed any changes in rank. All of his stamps are not cheap, plus filling out an entire soldbuch to your standards isnt exactly a quick thing to do. The WWII Soldbuch is also complete and tight (with the inside of the wreath on the cover obscured only for this ad. two pieces with two pages, 7 pages in total 1918-1949 Deutsches Reich Johann Alsch/Soldbuch, Militärpaß, Reisepass, Haushalts-Paß, Ausflugsschein 3 Coins and Coin Collecting MA-Shops warranty with certified dealers Coins, medals and banknotes from ancient to modern. A blank version will cost your from $15. It consisted of the Heer (army), the Kriegsmarine (navy) and the Luftwaffe (air force). No fake, no reproduction. 3. add to cart Cover: Green cover with eagle and Swastika in a reef. ww2 german nazi rare waffen ss panzer grenadier a. RG-05. interestingly, the ID pic shows him in a M43 uniform with no insignias at all, no tabs, no boards. well filled out book giving a well documented service. These watches were often issued on loan, but many were sold to the soldiers and the details of the sale was entered into their pay book (soldbuch). Original Item: One-of-a-kind. Soldbuch used after the end of hostilities, and with the swastikas to the ink stamps filled in. Complete with photograph of owner wearing Schutzpolizei in uniform. Original WWII German Military Policeman's SS Soldbuch PLUS!!! Original WWII . Whilst the German Underground Hospital up at St Lawrence is the island’s most famous Occupation attraction, there is actually another superb military museum in private hands which you must definitely visit when you are next on Jersey, especially if, like me, you also have a great interest in that island’s German Occupation during the Second World War… 2 WW2 Ministry Of Food Ration Books, a childs Clothing Book plus 2 savings books . (Soldbuch zugleich Personalausweis). Now you can see a nice sample of the Soldbuch. Even in cases where the man received his dogtag and Soldbuch from the same unit (in which case the unit-name would be the same one indicated on the dogtag), the stamps for the unit on this line and on the EK line on page 1 are almost never the exact same stamp. Complete with correct card cover. The portrait photo was clearly reused from his old Soldbuch, this explains the double stamps and staple holes. At the time his soldbuch was issued, he was assigned to Flieger Ersatz Abteilung Nr 14. 5" x 8" rubber sheet, no handles, you have to cut them out and assemble them) but I was able to squeeze more stamps on there, there are 47 different stamps on this one. 1943 at Stammkompanie / Grenadier-Ersatz-Bataillon 193 in Detmold. Born 26. There are burnmarks, bloodstains, loose pages. The NSDAP book with red leatherette cover and gold-coloured eagle & swastika on it. New items were added to 3rd Reich Awards section: 3rd Reich DJV badge, 3rd class NSDAP long service award-NSDAP Dienstauszeichnung in Bronze, HJ and NSDAP members badges, Ostfront medal, KVK2 and others Very interesting original/authentic Nazi SS soldbuch. 1943 in Werdino as well as a separate Einlage for the Soldbuch listing extra information about the event. This page is a record for any changes to pages 1 and 2, particularly changes in rank. Ask for my info sheet for info to fill out Notice the rare light colored Soldbuch cover with very small eagle. OK, I must be doing something wrong. This one is nicely filled out with lots of stamps, but more importantly an award for an EK2. It is stamped with various battalions and regiments, the first of which appears to  Upon entry of duty by a soldier, the Wehrpass was turned over to the soldiers unit stamped with the identical information above and below the perforation line. He served in several aviation units and survived the war. The Reisepass (passport) bearing the powner's photograph, and a large number of stamps relating to travelling (mostly between Austria and Italy between 1938 and 1943. Adolf Hitler rally tickets, post stamps, Wehrmacht brothel tickets, paper with NSDAP letter-head, hunting license, cotton clothes and equipment name tags & more This is a good looking standard Soldbuch. Late 1945 notes and entries. I DO NOT have KM bucher. SOLDBUCH - This should be filled out with your persona’s info, in Sutterlein script, and will be stamped with regimental stamps at your first event. On our website we have a wide variety of medals and militaria for sale including edged weapons, headgear, badges from the Victorian period through WW1, WW2, and all other campaigns up to present day. On second page there is also stampings from French prisoncamp. German WW2 Soldbuch. The Soldbuch is a small book that was carried by every German Soldier or Officer as a means of Identification and personnel record. The Feldpost Number ( 24616) seen in the stamps is for an Army artillery unit. This gives you a basic Soldbuch that will look good opened for display get you through document checks for  X1 military book (Militärpass, Soldbuch). Papers Please!: Identity Documents, Permits and Authorizations of the Third Reich [Ray Cowdery] on Amazon. Good overall condition. Un-issued with 24 printed pages with blank spaces to take entries. Soldbuch Fill-Out Service. u. When I open the PDF document, in either Adobe Reader 9 or Adobe 9 you can still right click the graphic and get the option to save it. A POW Great copy of the Soldbuch as carried by August Diehl in the movie Inglourious Basterds. The Soldbuch cover was denazified by cutting out the swastika (probably when the unit surrendered) but otherwise the condition of the group is excellent, with signs of use and wear. This man was in the Police before and well after the war. Back of the book lists various awards including German / Italian Afrika campaign medal and Afrika armband. Here is a picture of some other hospital stamps I have copied, these for Kriegslazarett 1/251, pictured with a page from the original Soldbuch from which they were copied The first pattern of Soldbuch as made and issued in 1939 had a very limited amount of space on pages 6 and 7 to record the items a soldier was issued. (Blank Soldbuch not included in the price) According to the Soldbuch, Jentzsch was awarded the Iron Cross 2nd class, Winter Campaign Medal, and the KVK II with Swords. Well filled out example with entries and various stamps. Karl Herrmann (°1915) from Genkingen, he was gunner in 10th battery of Artillery Regiment 260 (260ID). Banktransfer preferred, details here Paypal plus 4% (MwST). - German WWII Army Sanitater Soldbuch & Document Lot: Original era manufacture. He was a Gefreiter or corporal. nz-cs@xtra. Soldbuch No. . Title 'Soldbuch zugleich Perfonalausweis. Stamp Sheet #1: Soldbuch A. Types of ink stamps To save repetitive entries having to be written out time and again in every Soldbuch filled in by an official, ink stamps would be used to make Shop our selection of Sheet Stamps on the USPS. The Kriegsmairne Soldbuch is a well used example with almost every page showing handwriting or ink stamps. Luftwaffe 'Soldbuch' (Pay Book). The second is a card ID for the Reichssportabzeichen Purfer (Examiner) and was issued in 1941. gear. ARMY SOLDBUCH & 9 SS DOCUMENTS. You buy USSRORIGINAL product. German WW2 Era Army Heer Soldbuch Id History Pay book! Number 5981. It is sized to hold the Soldbuch, along with other artifacts such as photos, stamps, ration cards, post cards, or whatever else you'd care to stuff in it. It is a 100% original to this Zweitschrift Soldbuch. Inside the book are a few pages of post war POW papers, naming Dippel and signed by various Allied officers. This is a scarce original 'Arbeitsbuch' of the 'Freie Stadt Danzig'. Amazingly enough, he ended 'Der Spiess' of his unit! Lots of additional documents, including a group photo of his unit staff with him on the far left (under the X). mocht je een rugzak uit WO1 hebben zonder leren dragers, isdit een uitkomst. No shoulder straps , they were sold. Here are some stamps I copied recently from an original Soldbuch. Lw, 3 Komp regarding with the Fegyrergyar Kal 7,65 in occupied Prague, plus a separate, folded 1/2 sheet firearms licence, earned at the academy, dated 17 July 1944 and signed by a Major. Placement of this insignia on the uniforms, work coveralls and flight coveralls changed throughout the history of the organization. 00 GBP Dear Egbert; I deeply respect you, and know that you are a grizzled Hunnish warrior, but I stick to that root of the words "Soldbuch" and "soldier". No missing pages,good condition. Interesting Soldbuch in good used condition! Also included is a rare orders for the post position at the Engelbosteler Dam. This is the ";Soldbuch&quot; (a soldier&#039;s payment book) of my great-grandfather. There is some tape on the reverse side of the paper (see pictures). I created a file, I created a stamp, I stamped the document, then flattened it, and then saved it. Some pages in the book are damaged and some are missing. Lötsch was a member of M. , dated 31/03/1938 and stamped Nationalsozialistisches Fliegerkorps stum 6/67?? Missing some of the contribution stamps. for wounds from enemy artillery or mortar. It is my hope that by sharing this with others, at least a few people who are doing their own German Army research, perhaps even into their own relatives, will learn from this site the basic layout and contents to be found in a Soldbuch like this. Letter of congratulation on 50 years of marriage. Varations are based on different manufacturers and changes in markings. Battalion 13. Nice group consisting of a denazified LW Soldbuch with service stamps through most of 1944, plus form toward the back from the Akadamie d. 42. RIFLE - The only acceptable rifle for IR 75 is the Mauser GEW-98. Cover has heavy wear, one page is loose, photo was removed. Included in the memorabilia was the listed moleskin LW fliegerbluse pattern work tunic. It means "tail" in German). These stamps provide good definition and detail. If you click on one of the links you will be transfered to a separate index page of items from the same National Socialist organization, Third Reich subject, etc. The is a rare opportunity to own a named Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler (1st SS Division) grouping. g. His Soldbuch was opened on Nov. Yes its worn and stained, as it should be when carried daily during WW2. Motz April 1942 issued Soldbuch to Unteroffizier Bernhard Motz who was trained to become a Nachtjagdpilot. Ers. ) It is 24 pages long and records his service during the war. A very complete grouping including the soldiers Soldbuch and issue Red Cross Armband certificate. Soldbuch Wallet This is a genuine black pigskin wallet based on original drawings. 12. The book comes with an extra card of Kolmerer and an US document he received in captivity (soldbuch check). Wolf was awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class and Wound Badge in Black . Interior: 36 pages with numerous stamps and handwriting throughout. WH (Heer/Luftwaffe) Soldbuch. If the real shipping cost is lower, the extra money will be refunded to the buyer. The shipping cost is an estimate. A rarely seen Luftschutz ID book. Issued to, I think, Frintrik Albrecht? The Soldbuch was one of the most important documents issued to members of the German Armed Forces. Find great deals on eBay for soldbuch and ww2 german original. A typi-cal page 3 will have few stamps on it, except for an occasional unit name or officer‘s title. Soldbuch Wallet: A black oilcloth case for your Soldbuch. i miss Print Letter to Home 3 and Duty Roster 3 FML ----- Time Stamps ----- Deadeye 1/3 0:06 Letters From Home 1/5 Janus 0:25 Last Letter 1/5 Bet You Any Money 0:44 Sniper Report 1/4 Gefreiter The ceremony included a two-man parachute team dropping an American Flag and an "Honor and Remember" flag carrying the names of more than 600 fallen soldiers. This grouping consisted of this ss mans bullion Adolf Hitler SS cufftitle, SS shoulder boards, EK2, LAH photo album (with lots of photos), pages from his Soldbuch, and book which has one of his action reports published. These books were not really collectable at the wars end, so consequently not many survived. Militaria Auction (1919-1945) Whether you're looking for WWII souvenirs or specific military antiques, our Militaria auction (1919-1945) is a great place to discover these classic objects of the past. Since 1975 The Regalia Specialist has specialized in supplying top quality replica and original military awards and insignia to Museums, Collectors and the Movie Industry. IMAGES TO FOLLOW SHORTLY !!!! Code: 50333 Price: 275. I have had I will use the reproduction stamps needed to complete it. It's going to have a lot of different unit stamps and officer rank stamps, stuff for the Soldbuch, Wehrpass, award documents and more, all copied from originals. We carry high quality German Militaria, for Re-enactors, Collectors, Historians and Entertainment Industry for the preservation of history. The Heer Soldbuch - English Translation. G. Has a close combat listing sheet clued in for 22. defence force) was the unified armed forces of Nazi Germany from 1935 to 1945. Completely filled in with a lot of entries. May 1945 with validity to the end of 1948. Some pages are loose and the cover was de-nazified. NSDAP Membership Book (1939 edition)´+ named NSDAP badge. At the end of the war he was located in Denmark. Home » WWII German Items » ID Books/Soldbuchs/Documents These three documents were issued to Heinz Walter (Drugest), The first is an enlistment paper from 1936. Part of the soldbuch of a "Brandenburger", showing the various units he was in. This is a fantastic genuine WWII German SS Signal Corps Soldbuch for a soldaten that spent the majority of his service on the Eastern Front, and was wounded in Romania. Also included with the soldbuch is a Luftschutz-Ehrenzeichen Award issued to Beckmann when he was with the 5th Luftwaffe Bau. 05, Soldbuch SS ID Book | Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust RG-05. A page from his Soldbuch showing him as an Oberleutnant and listing his promotion dates. Original issue, not a Zweitschrift!! Hello, Last week I was able to add this little Soldbuch set to my collection: - It is the Soldbuch of Walter Groth, Walter was born on December 14 1927 in the small farmers village of Ziegnitz in Pommeren (East Prussia), in 1939 there were only 294 inhabitants. Originally belonged to housewife Anna Schneehüber. A note qualifying to become a Fallschirmjäger. He was awar. This set contains 49 stamps and focuses on stamps for the Soldbuch although there are stamps here that can be used on a wide variety of paperwork including award documents, various military IDs, the Wehrpass, Feldpost letters, etc. For example, each entry in the promotion block on page one should have a corresponding entry here showing the unit in which the man served and the signature, rank, and position of the certifying officer. Made in USSR. De 2 leren drager uit 1918 zijn vrij zeldzaam, en moeilijk te vinden. He served with several units during WWII, most having something to do with Landeschutzen units. Contact m. usmbooks. All Magazines and other Accessories; Cleaning Rods and Oilers; Holsters . This unit participated in many famous battles in NORMANDY! Was a member of the original cadre of troops of the unit!! Was in 4. Nachtjagd Soldbuch to Uffz. We have a large selection of Germany from early states through modern Bundespost. 1911 Holsters VERY INTERESTING 'SOLDBUCH' OF A DOCTOR FROM THE NSKK WHO SERVED WITH THE ORGANISATION TODT (OT) The NSKK-Transportgruppe Todt (OT) converted a Luftwaffe Soldbuch and issued it to a dentist who served in several field hospitals at the Eastern front. There are stamps here from the Heer, Waffen-SS, and Luftwaffe, and many of the stamps on this sheet can be used in absolutely any Soldbuch. (See images). They are all different from the ones on the last sheet. Interesting Soldbuch to Marineartillerie Obergefreiter and Sonderführer Marian Schwabik. As you can see there is paper tape to the spine. Kupons zu dem Soldbuch 1036 711 des jäger Friederich Wilhelm Krause für 1. He's led men into war twice. The raised lettering on the marking stamp head identifies the SS hospital number. 4 results for german ww2 soldbuch Save german ww2 soldbuch to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Reproductions of war papers. Without pass photo as issued (not removed). Soldbuch and stamps. https://www. 00 to $75. This form works best if you print it, fill it out, and mail it with your Soldbuch to: ! Matt DiPalma PO Box 10887 ! Tampa, Florida 33679 I must often have the correct stamps made to complete your Soldbuch (at no additional cost to you), so please allow up to 6 weeks for completion. His birthplace in Item 10 is also typical, with the town Riedendorf on the top line, and the region on the line below (see explanation in text). There are lots and lots of stamps and signatures, I have researched this a bit, but there is much more to do. The Soldbuch is empty and does not contain any Inscriptions. Third Reich Heer Soldbuch (Salary/Paybook and also acted as Passport) issued to Herbert Koch a Private Gunner in the Artillery, Date of Birth 12/12/1896 - Bloodgroup O - Gas Mask size I - Received extra pay as a translator - Includes a list of arms issued including a 98K Mauser, bayonet and pistol - Dated stamps from 1944 to 1945 Order Soldbuch to Uffz. with dues stamps for 1941 & 1942 Buy online, view images and see past prices for SS PANZERGRENADIER'S SOLDBUCH WITH NORMANDY ACTIONS. It's a SS-Soldbuch of a SS-Untersturmführer of the belgian division ''28 Panzer Grenadier Division Wallonien'' (his Erkennungsmarke : SS-Gren. He spent most of his time in RAD units. Overall condition is good, with a photo and nearly every page has handwriting, or ink stamps. Full of entries and stamps, a very interesting document! I also have a number of Feldpost stamps, made to exact specs, that I can use or omit them all if you have your own. Shop with confidence. Here you'll find original and pre mai 1945 Panzertruppe related items for sale. The soldbuch is in good condition with light signs of age and use. (Von links nach rechts) - from left to right Soldbuch to August which was opened on 01. Home » WWII German Items » ID Books/Soldbuchs/Documents Magazines and other Accessories . Feel free to contact me. For your convenience we will ship your item for a reasonable price - shipping costs will be included in the invoice. 2. As a World War Two German re-enactor the Soldbuch is one of the few pieces of identification you should have on your person at all times when in uniform. SS-Inf. Wound Badge History The first ever wound badge in German history was presented during World War I 1939 Wound Badges World War II wound badges were presented in black, silver and gold July 1944 Wound Badge Wound badge presented for the 20th of July assassination attempt on Hitler Wound Badge Index Service Awards Index Wehrmacht-Awards Wehrmacht This is the 1st one of these I have had. 1 issued to Oberstleunant with promotions 1 August 41 to Oberst, 1 October 1942 Generalmajor, 1 June 1943 to Generalleutnant, and 1 April 1945 to general der Panzertruppen. com! Order stamps, shipping supplies, and unique items only available from the United States Postal Service. Luftwaffe Soldbuch for Gefreiter Albert Leinenweber. His photo is inside the cover and an extra one of him with his comrades at Christmas is included. -Verände" stamps. Uniform photograph to the front of the book. 1943 Feldpost card with Hitler stamp and Sonderstempel "Unser Führer bannt den  This is a fantastic genuine WWII German Waffen-SS Soldbuch for a soldaten. Book is in overall very good condition small damage to spine all colour plates are complete and still very fresh. several awards recorded including iron cross 1st and 2nd class. The example on the right is the grey backed version while The Wehrpass and Soldbuch of the Heer, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, and Waffen-SS are covered in great detail in this book. No photo has ever been attached. 3 Reich German Militaria (314) Apply 3 Reich German Militaria filter Jewish Holocaust Ghettos (265) Apply Jewish Holocaust Ghettos filter German non-military (248) Apply German non-military filter please see item 92501 for more details. The stamps are all fully functional and are supplied complete with wooden handles. The Soldbuch serves the soldier as a personal identification in wartime and as . Several stamps from the concentration camp "Mauthausen". Original Militär-paß. 9. 00, and to then you have to get it filled out properly. The auction you are viewing has now ended Show current auctions Lots of entries and stamps. I just ran off to my wife, who knows most everything, and has excellent Latin (and 10 other European languages), and she fully agrees that the root of the word "soldier" comes from the salt that soldiers were, in part, paid with in ancient times. com - Das größte Militaria-Online Auktionshaus der Welt - World´s biggest Militaria Online Auction Wednesday July 24th, 2019 Starting @ 5PM EST On-Line Only Auction Sale Selling from the single estate of Donald H. This is a genuine pigskin wallet based on original drawings. And at the wars end he served with an Austrian Regt. These stamps are great for filling out Soldbuch and other documents. Soldbuch art, cigarettes and matches, Feldpost box, manuals, money, Esbit box, train ticket stubs and more. German dog tags, tunics, swastika stamps, badges, mines, and much more! We also have many Japanese edged weapons, flags, banners, head gear tunics and Misc. WWII Kriegsmarine Soldbuch Uboat Sailor Item: GM779 Original KM Soldbuch issued to a sailor in January, 1944 with last entry made in November, 1945. He served A Superb Bavarian Soldbuch, Militärpass, Flight Log, and Photos, to Ground-Attack Gunner multiple entries and stamps throughout the book, glued in inserts on the WW2 original german soldiers book soldbuch POW Militaria We present you an original german soldiers book(soldbuch) . He was on 25. (03) 385 5117 e. Click here to see our list of products. Land UdSSR / Soviet Union. 30+ pages of this soldier's personal records of units, weapons qualifications, awards, shots, equipment, next of kin, training, and so on. Traditional looking wood hand stamp with rubber ink pad This Ink stamp is used on page 8C of the soldbuch and contains a list of items issued along with his  ID SOLDBUCH WEHRPASS (19) Apply ID SOLDBUCH WEHRPASS filter . Forced Labor - Rare ID card to a French boy who worked for Demag vehicle factory as slave laborer! Otto Schmidt was a decorated first World War veteran who was issued this SS Soldbuch as a member of the Schutzpolizei Reserve under the auspices of the SS in March, 1945. 1988. Speak to unit members for info on people who can help you with this. Rare original Arbeitsbuch in good used condition! I'm expanding my arsenal of stamps with a big load of Luftwaffe related stamps! I can offer period-looking Soldbücher and document services for Fallschirmjäger, Feld-Divisionen (L), Pilots, Mechanics, Flak and more in the future for an unbeatable price of USD $40. 43 awarded with the Knights Cross. Soldbuch to Johann Lötsch. Dated 27. Amounts shown in italicised text are for items listed in currency other than Euros and are approximate conversions to Euros based upon Bloomberg's conversion rates. The "Comission" Mauser 88 and the 98a carbine iare not allowed. Imperial German Soldbuch Copied from an original from 1917, this Soldbuch is accurate in every way even the specialy ordered paper for the cover. Red "Nachtjagd" eyes test stamps. Oakleaf Militaria sells German Militaria including WW2 Helmets, Belts, Weapons and Nazi SS Uniforms. SOME STAMPS * K. The cover for the book is optional. 3. The glue on the reverse is still in perfect condition. www. The ration books were for Croydon issued in 1942 and the child's clothing book 1943-44. It is usual to find soldbuch both with and without ID-photos. He was promoted to Gefreiter, 1 February 1940, to Unteroffizier 1 April 1940, to Feldwebel 1 October 1941 and to Oberfeldwebel, 1 October 1943. —The Soldbuch worksheet is a convenient and complete chronological tabulation of the dated entries in the entire Soldbuch, to serve as a preliminary step toward interpreting and evaluating the information and preparing a strategic report. Leutnant Runge has 352. However, the rank is right and he might just swapped . The grouping is to Rudolf Sperber who was born in 1916. In my collection I have an award document set of another member of 5/FJR6, on these documents the same field post stamp has been used as in this Soldbuch. The Soldbuch owner is pictured in his police uniform. (2) Preparation of the Soldbuch Worksheet. This sheet of stamps contains 48 stamps that have been copied exactly from original Soldbücher. Army Soldbuch for Oberfeldwebel Ernst Baustert. With original uniform photo of Kolmerer. The soldbuch was presented at request Military camps and police check points it was carried for the full duration of the Soldiers military service. Below you find a list of links to different categories of Third Reich items that are offered for sale on this web site. 05, Soldbuch SS ID Book. The stamps are gray in color and are the larger size type. Militaria321. Find great deals on eBay for militarpass and soldbuch. Volunteer legion "Nederland" stamps german nazi party pay workbook deutfches reich arbeits $19. We have copied original stamps for military and civilian identification documents such as the Soldbuch, Wehrpass, Kennkarte, and Reisepass, as well as Feldpost stamps and all kinds of various stamps for paperwork and even maker marks for uniforms and equipment items. Fully filled in and showing the award of the Black Wound Badge. Almost always made by Waffenfabrik Mauser (who must have had a supply contract with Turkey) and dated 1917-1918. The pass was issued to 'Karl Leonhardt' 10 September 1938, it contains various interesting handwritten entries and official stamps, see photos. August, 30 NEW UPDATE is online. I have a limited variety of training and combat unit stamps for 1. com - Das größte Militaria-Online Auktionshaus der Welt - World´s biggest Militaria Online Auction Nationalsozialistisches Fliegerkorps Förderer-Ausweis. soldbuch for ss man – kanonia of the ss-lah. Recipient of the Oak Leaves and Sword of the Knight's Cross. Several Swiss and German watchmakers were given contacts for military time pieces including Arsa, Grana, Helvetia, Minerva, Silvana, Orator, and Zenith which is one of the more familiar names. Ok I say that and this one is facinating looks to be issues in Jan 1940 and was carried through many promotions This guy when to Luftwaffe technical school and served in many units. SPONSORED. It is in very good condition, complete and not de-nazified. Although the Festungs-Infanterie-Regiment 713 had been named Grenadier-Regiment 713 in August 1943, the unit had in all likelihood not replaced its stamps in December 1943, which explains why on page 4 of Carls Soldbuch the 3rd company / Festungs- Infanterie-Regiment 713 was entered as a place of service. Has a lot of stamps and entries. Pens and ink, rubber stamps, paper and forms, typewriters, Nazi-era civilian and military identity documents, the Wehrpass and Soldbuch, and everything else involved in the duties of a clerk in the Wehrmacht. 32 auto pistol. Signed by for us an unknown "SS Hauptstürmführer" 20 January 1945. 95. Each version is translated into English and the meaning and purpose for every entry is explained in detail. Born 1922 in Wels. It is 20 pages long. Stamps for a Festungs-Bau-Bataillon Rubber stamp projects Posted by Chris Pittman Mon, January 27, 2014 02:16AM. Soldbuch WIA in France (1940) and Festung Breslau (1945) Abt. Ausb. Soldbuch indicates there was no time for a picture. Condition report: The Soldbuch is in overall very good to excellent condition. 2 Awards awards entered in the Soldbuch are as follows, all with proper authorising signitures and stamps: Description: Waffen-SS Soldbuch, Award Citation and Document Grouping of SS Unterscharfuhrer Kurt Graupner, the soldbuch is a well used example with many entries and stampings. Infanterie-Division stamps for the book. Soldbuch was issued Dec 1939 and was held on him through the war, and one can see it went through a lot. Larry Garage Saler extraordinaire. -Ers. Stamps from Westland and Toeltz. - correct copy of a SS Soldbuch in a used look - many pages filled with authentic data and stamps e. Unfollow german ww2 soldbuch to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. free shipping on all orders over $500! all domestic and international orders over $500 now qualify for free shipping! for orders under $500, we always ship at cost and will only charge you that amount! Tropical khaki / tan cotton construction with KM buttons. These are all exact copies of original stamps, I have focused on stamps for the Soldbuch but many of them can also be used on a wide variety of military documents including the Wehrpass and all kinds of IDs These wallets were constructed most often leather or oilcloth to help protect from moisture. It is sized to hold the Soldbuch, along with other artifacts such as stamps, photos, ration cards, post cards or whatever else you'd care to put into it. Upon entry of duty by a soldier, the Wehrpass was turned over to the soldiers unit displaying the imposed middle name of "Sara" and stamped with the letter J  Soldbuch and award document grouping to Unteroffizier Otto Räse. Many customers have asked us to offer sets of stamps for working on the Soldbuch, Wehrpass and other Nazi era military and civilian documents, for props and  We have copied original stamps for military and civilian identification documents such as the Soldbuch, Wehrpass, Kennkarte, and Reisepass, as well as  The stamps are all fully functional and are supplied complete with wooden handles. Hi at all I'm researching infos on these obscure Luftwaffe units that fought in Italy on the late 1944-1945 campaign. There were different types of Soldbuch for the Army (Heer), Navy (Kriegsmarine), Air Force (Luftwaffe) and Armed SS (Waffen SS). general assault badge, wound badge Note: unless you have period fountain pens, in a variety of ink colours, AND a number of unit, hospital, and Feldpostnummer stamps, AND can write freehand in period script, you will not be able to fill in a Soldbuch accurately yourself. Fabrikdirektor Otto Schrimpff, DoB 17/06/1897. in March 1941 and the Iron Cross Document is included. The Nazi ink stamps have been blotted over by U. German Stamps Welcome to our Portal to German Stamp Collecting. This is not foreign made as so much of the Kriegsmarine's items were. Typical Polizei soldbuch with few entries present. 00 to $30. Letter. 100% GUARANTEED original Wartime Soldbuch to a 12. 11, 1944. 'cash stud of the Richthofen Jagdstaffel') (including the order made of cardboard), other postcards (four of WWII German Army soldbuch identity document for Paul Bieganski, Gefreiter in rocket launch units/Nebelwerfer. It will help protect your Soldbuch from from the elements. 00 Add to cart Deutsche Heimatwerk (DHW) – Heimatwerk Ratgeber für bauerliche Einrichting und Hausrat WW2 german nazi, waffen SS, concentration camp, Auschwitz, Dachau Helmets, uniforms, medals- original items | Soldbuch is in excellent condition showing only minimal wear and damage, mostly to the upper tape. In good condition with only minor wear to the edges. The German WWII military Identification passes , pay books and cards offered by the Regalia Specialist have been meticulously copied from original pieces. militarytour. WW2 German Wehrpass WW2 German Soldbuch. The Wehrmacht was a German army founded on the Prussian virtues of discipline and order, therefore it stayed pretty well organised until near the end. WW2 German reproduction documents and accessories, including ss soldbuch, heer soldbuch, luftwaffe soldbuch, wherpas document, and rubber hand stamps for documents. Linien-Kommandantur Kassenverwaltung . com offers for sale a large selection of original Third Reich identity documents including NSDAP IDs, Nazi car titles, Kriegsmarine documents, H Ausweis, SS documents, SS-FM IDs, Soldbuch, Wehrpass, Kraftfahrzeugschein, Volkssturm documents, Kennkarte, Luftschutz Dienstbuch, Leinstandarte SS Adolf Hitler Soldbuch, etc. I really like the ornate font on the line stamp for the Festungs-Bau-Batl. Many stamps and entries. WW1 Soldier and Prussian Policeman's document group, well filled in Soldbuch - Infantry Regiment 94 covering August 1915 to September 1919, plenty of officers signatures and entries, post WW1 Prussian Police officers service book for service in 1921-22, baptism certificate for his two sons signed by Mayor, swastika stamp and a large certificate German backpack with fur, marked and dated. Wehrmacht (Heer/Luftwaffe) Soldbuch of Leutnant 'Walter Brokmeier', member within the 'Jäger-Ersatz-Bataillon 75'. Original Nazi Era German ID/Membership Book Dues Stamps, Set of 3 Products 1 - 10 reference books · Postcard and Stamps · Photo,s · POSTER- BEKENDMAKING -LEAFLET · NSB · Jeugdstorm · ID Card / Soldbuch · WA  Soldbuch. Solder's frequently painted patriotic images on these, and they would stuff these wallets with letters, photos, and other papers into them alongside the Soldbuch. 1915, died 13. stamped, good condition but only half of the page. last military district: Wehrbezirkskommando Berlin, assignments, inscription of the dog tag: 1. Army Soldier's Book (with Cover) (Heer Soldbuch mit Einband) – Filling out your Soldbuch is a lengthy and somewhat difficult task, but you can get help from the Division Cadre, and there are services that can do it for you. Er führte Männer bereits zweifach in die Schlacht. The first is Luftwaffen Jager Regiment Neukum that I find on the rolls of 1 FJD in february-march 1945. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. General der Panzertruppe Gerhard von Schwerin Soldbuch. ' within black border. A great addition to your paperwork WW2 GERMAN AFRIKA KORPS SOLDBUCH, issued to a NCO of the German Wehrmacht, 2/Inf Ers Btl 306. He's the kind of intelligent, ruthless, and charming villain that's all too rare in film. In the years leading up to the war, all young men in The outside of the cover would be stamped with the unit the soldier trained  2 using generic Feldpost stamp for $25. There is a photo with two stamps. The NSDAP membership book with photograph and ink stamps. Entitled to: Wound Badge in Black (10. CYQ b prefix with one e/88 stamp - b3624. SS Panzer Div HITLERJUGEND man. See more ideas about Ww2 uniforms, Canadian army and Canadian soldiers. Our WWII section is full of occupation and propaganda material from most occupied areas. The soldbuch is worn but complete, full of entries and great stamps (Militär Verwaltung Süd-West-Frankreich). j Powell of Stanwell. still giving much detail including several good clear waffen-ss stamps. Förderer-Ausweis. These smaller SS ink stamps were used in SS soldbuch entries when an SS member was hospitalized. com Postal Store The German Soldbuch is the most popular piece of paper documentation for German reenactors. The soldbuch filled in from 1940 to 1945. Can anyone help me read / translate from a Nazi Soldbuch "ID Booklet" from WWII? The one with a ton of stamps is about vacation for 5 days a piece, he seems to Original WWII German Oberstfeldmeister Soldbuch (RAD Officer?) This Soldbuch was opened on August 26th, 1939. pdf (PDF Document, 11. com) The different P38 variations produced during the nazi-regime will be discussed on this page. kanonia had five stays in hospital in russia. Toy and Prop Masters brings us this conjectural recreation of his German passport, complete with period stamps, transit notations, and a plethora of Kriegsmarine Soldbuch . S Postage Stamps during the war years that appear on these envelopes together with the post office meter stamp. This example has library stamps for the NSV (Nazi people's welfare organisation) Gruppe Alpen,District Moers,Area Essen. & Third Reich military decorations, medals, ribbons, badges, patches, pins, flags, caps & headgear, cuff titles free shipping on all orders over $500! all domestic and international orders over $500 now qualify for free shipping! for orders under $500, we always ship at cost and will only charge you that amount! Oct 15, 2017- Some items we sell on www. SS-Flak Abtl of the division. There are countless SS stamps and signatures. Which will cost you another $50. WW2 original german soldiers book soldbuch POW. typical of long serving soldiers, julius schmidt carried his soldbuch in the field till it dropped to bits. 00: 1. -Btl. + Items in search results. com Items located @ the A&M Auction Facility, 8000 Esham Road, Parsonsburg, MD ALL ITEMS SOLD ABSOLUTE WITH NO MINIMUM AND NO RESERVE!! WW2 GERMAN SS DOCUMENT AND MEDAL GROUPING. It shows some hones age and use, but is still very good. Price refinements - Carousel. The letter is on Kreisleiter headed paper with an embossed eagle in the top left hand corner, signed by Wilhelm Rieke the Kreisleiter of Bucholz. If you need a Bucher add $25. All inks, stamps, “entries” and personal data are 100% original! In the booklet there are very rare stamps and signatures of high-ranking officers. Germany - Wehrmacht - Soldbuch - 1944. soldbuch stamps

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